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      Announcing The Rile5 Archive   09/04/2017

      The community started small. First, there was a new revolutionary game: Club Penguin. A small cheating scene began to form, with multiple cheat blogs starting up to compete with each other for the helm. A man gained popularity by releasing a popular client known as Penguin Storm. Another man, during the reign of the ever-famous iCPv3, released the forever-remembered-- and renamed-- CPPSHQ. And during these early times, when we looked to the stars for the next breakthrough, and were greeted with one every week, a popular member of the community created a site. He posted about it in Xat, and on IRC. Very quickly, this took off, with dozens of signs up on day 1. A new revolution had been born, and a new community finally found its home. Although CPPSHQ beat its competitors into the newspaper of the realm, its true homepage-- its true gathering center-- survived somewhere else. It survived here:   Rile5 boomed with activity, becoming the major hub for the CPPS community and giving comfort to its more than 10,000 members. Whether it be new CPPS advertisements or new sources, Rile5 was the place to go. All things must come to an end, and Rile5 found its end in mid 2015. The owner, Riley, shut down the site with a brief message:  Today, Aureus strives to move forward with the community past the realm of antiquated Flash games and into a truly creative space. We created a technology and programming forum to provide the future of the community, past the time of Rile5. But we want to honor these roots. Rile5 holds a very special place in all of our hearts, and every staff member here remembers the good days of logging into it. That is why now, we are announcing something that nobody has done before: we are releasing a public archive of the Rile5 forums to you, the community. This includes all of the posts Rile5 had public at the time of its closure, which totals more than 300,000. Nobody has laid eyes on these since its sudden shutdown in 2015, and we spent hours upon hours of effort to compile this archive. The Rile5 Archive is Aureus' way of recognizing and thanking the important past of the community, as we look forward to the future. We hope that you will all find this educational and nostalgic, and that together we can appreciate the work of our predecessors and past selves. The Rile5 Archive includes old sources, code snippets, advertisements, announcements, SpeedyCPPSHQ articles, introductions, and everything in between. This is now in read-only, even if you had an account, as our goal is to preserve the history-- not modify it. Please join me in sifting through the hundreds of thousands of pieces of historical content on our famed predecessor at https://archive.aureus.pw/ today. As always, thank you for participating in the Aureus community,

SmartFoxServer2X Tutorial Pt. 2. (Windows) (Localhost)

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Hey guys,

Welcome to part 2 of my SmartFoxServer2X tutorial, today we'll be looking at and configuring our server via the built-in "AdminTool".

So, let's get started:

Last week, we downloaded and ran the 2X setup then we started the server and checked to see if it worked. So we'll be continuing from the 2X "it works!" page.

So once again, step 1 is to start the server by either running sfs2x.bat, or if you installed SmartFoxServer in the default location (C:\Program Files\SmartFoxServer_2X\SFS2X) then you'll need to run the sfs2x-standalone.exe as an administrator to ensure you have all the correct privileges. 



Step 2, is to navigate to the "it works" page ( After you have navigated to the "it works" page, go ahead and click on the red hyper click labeled, "Launch the Administration Tool 2X." 



Once you've clicked that hyperlink, you should be redirected to the AdminTool page. (NOTE: If your browser has Flash disabled you'll have to enable it for this page, you can also download the .exe file for the standalone AdminTool here and follow along from this point on.)



So once you've arrived at the AdminTool login page, you should see some of the details have been filled in for you. (Like the port.) You'll also see that you have an encrypt toggle and a bookmarks tab.

The only thing we're going to focus on is the host, username, and password sections, those are the sections that will allow us to attempt and successfully connect and login to the AdminTool.

So, for the host you're going to want to enter and for the username and password it is defaulted to sfsadmin. (NOTE: We CAN change it but for this tutorial we don't need to since it's running on localhost, I'm planning to do some VPS connections as well and offer my support for that as well.)


Your fields/sections should now look like this:


So now that the sections are filled in properly, it's time to attempt our connection. To do so, we need to click the "Connect button" or press enter on the keyboard.

(NOTE: Make sure you DO NOT and I mean DO NOT close either the .bat or the .exe file when trying to connect to or use 2X for anything. It will close the socket, and you will not be table o connect to the AdminTool until you reopen either the .bat or the .exe file.)

Once you've successfully connected and logged into the AdminTool, you'll probably see a lot of confusing stats about "the server" and how well it's "running".


(NOTE: This is a picture from my actual test server, so no I didn't have my computer running for 5 days.)



So, a lot of these stats are a bit confusing and are for people who can understand them. So we're just going to skip right over those and head to the Zone Configurator, which will set us up for Part 3.



(Zone's are a little tricky, and I'm not good at explaining them. Lucky for you, SFS has setup documentation on it. So click here to learn more about zones.)

After reading the documentation on Zones, let's add one. Go down near the bottom of the page, and click the little green + sign next to the Zone column.



Next, a new sidebar should be loaded with the title "Configuration settings." This is where we're going to configure our Zone.



The ONLY setting we're going to focus on for the last part of this tutorial is the "Zone name", so we're going to put one in. I went ahead and named mine "TestZone" 

Once you put in your Zone name click submit towards the bottom of the page, and restart the server. (Since we're not using a VPS, you can't use the restart function in the toolbar of the AdminTool. So, just close and reopen either the sfs2x.bat or the sfs2x-standalone.exe file(s)).

And that concludes part 2, next time we'll configure rooms and do a simple connect script in AS3.


Thanks, Zach.

(Don't forget to leave a reply if you got stuck, and also don't forget to upvote if you think it was a helpful tutorial.)


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On 9/12/2017 at 4:25 AM, Pons said:

you can do a tutorial to create a server like the club penguin in smartfoxserver! :D

sorry for my spelling, i'm spanish.

I know this is super old, and you'll probably never read this.  

But, to do that would require a lot more effort and sweat that I'd rather put into especially doing something like that, not to mention I'm sure it's against SmartFoxServer's license agreement.

Edited by Ninjaoninja2

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