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      Q: I don't see my question here, what do I do?
      A: PM a staff member. They will most likely be able to answer your question.
      Q: I saw somebody break the rules, what do I do?
      A: Just report the content and move on.
      Q: Can I have x rank?
      A: No.
      Q: I have a suggestion for the site, how and where do I explain it?
      A: Post it in the Forum Help and Suggestions area.
      Q: Where can I find the rule pages for every subforum?
      A: Not all subforums have them, but you can easily find all the rule pages with the search function. Check posts with the tag "rules"; they will all be pinned in their respective subforums as well. Q: I lost access to my old account. What do I do? A: Do not make a new account. Contact a staff member (preferably via the Discord server) and let them know. If we can confirm your identity, we'll try and help you restore access to your account.
    • Aureus

      Announcing The Rile5 Archive   09/04/2017

      The community started small. First, there was a new revolutionary game: Club Penguin. A small cheating scene began to form, with multiple cheat blogs starting up to compete with each other for the helm. A man gained popularity by releasing a popular client known as Penguin Storm. Another man, during the reign of the ever-famous iCPv3, released the forever-remembered-- and renamed-- CPPSHQ. And during these early times, when we looked to the stars for the next breakthrough, and were greeted with one every week, a popular member of the community created a site. He posted about it in Xat, and on IRC. Very quickly, this took off, with dozens of signs up on day 1. A new revolution had been born, and a new community finally found its home. Although CPPSHQ beat its competitors into the newspaper of the realm, its true homepage-- its true gathering center-- survived somewhere else. It survived here:   Rile5 boomed with activity, becoming the major hub for the CPPS community and giving comfort to its more than 10,000 members. Whether it be new CPPS advertisements or new sources, Rile5 was the place to go. All things must come to an end, and Rile5 found its end in mid 2015. The owner, Riley, shut down the site with a brief message:  Today, Aureus strives to move forward with the community past the realm of antiquated Flash games and into a truly creative space. We created a technology and programming forum to provide the future of the community, past the time of Rile5. But we want to honor these roots. Rile5 holds a very special place in all of our hearts, and every staff member here remembers the good days of logging into it. That is why now, we are announcing something that nobody has done before: we are releasing a public archive of the Rile5 forums to you, the community. This includes all of the posts Rile5 had public at the time of its closure, which totals more than 300,000. Nobody has laid eyes on these since its sudden shutdown in 2015, and we spent hours upon hours of effort to compile this archive. The Rile5 Archive is Aureus' way of recognizing and thanking the important past of the community, as we look forward to the future. We hope that you will all find this educational and nostalgic, and that together we can appreciate the work of our predecessors and past selves. The Rile5 Archive includes old sources, code snippets, advertisements, announcements, SpeedyCPPSHQ articles, introductions, and everything in between. This is now in read-only, even if you had an account, as our goal is to preserve the history-- not modify it. Please join me in sifting through the hundreds of thousands of pieces of historical content on our famed predecessor at https://archive.aureus.pw/ today. As always, thank you for participating in the Aureus community,

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Found 28 results

  1. help

    I dont know if this is the right place for this but i need some help. I need access to the files needed for a cpps i cant find them anywhere can someone point me where they are for download?
  2. can someone help me with the original friends list and the games becouse they don't work on mij cpps. link : https://pandacraft.ddns.net/clubpanda gr clubpanda team
  3. ALL games working on EVERY HOST

    Version 1.0.0


    you can just put this folders on your games folder, for example on as3 for me it is media1/play/v2/games and it will work for every host!!
  4. AS2 or AS3?

    Can someone help me? I am developing a Brazilian CPPS, I am a beginner and would like to know the difference between AS2 and AS3, which is better, and if they could leave the download link. Thanks
  5. Rooms linking

    Hello! So, I previously had an AS2 server with customs room ids and rooms. I spent a while on it and now I have an AS3 server I would like to copy over some of the work I have done. In the AS2 server, all I had to change was the Kitsune Server's Json file and the GlobalCrumbs. With this AS3 server, I have located the JSON file and GlobalCrumbs but it appears the GlobalCrumbs are not used for anything other than server redirection. If anyone knows where the file is within Media1 please inform me. Thank you for your help.
  6. Another release of my Free-X series, Friends List! CLIENT SIDED INSTRUCTIONS : Download this and paste it in media1/play/v2/client - https://i.succ.in/OIPCks8p.swf Edit your dependencies accordingly, for example Find { "id": "interface", "title": "Interface" }, After that add { "id" : "Friends", "title" : "Dote's Friends List" }, And save it. Clear your cache. SERVER SIDED INSTRUCTIONS: 1. KITSUNE: Download this rar file - https://i.succ.in/OIqEBDxU.rar Place the folder Fr into Kitsune/ClubPenguin/Plugins That's it. You are good to go. Run your login and world server, others are all automated! SCREENSHOT:
  7. CPPS AS3 Login/Registration error

    Hello, (yes its me again), I was trying to login into my CPPS, after setting up the account in the database. Its saying that the password is invalid. Can someone help me with this issue, maybe screenshot thier account in the database, or is it other problem. Please help me
  8. CPPS AS3 Load Error

    I was trying to get a CPPS working recently, but there is this error that pops up whenever I try to connect via play.localhost. I don't know what to do. If any1 has information needed to fix that, please help me. I call that the "Load screen of death". I saw 1 post about that, but there is no solid awnser, so thats why I am creating this
  9. AS3 Kitsune Problems

    Hello all! I am new to the community, and have been struggling with hosting a local CPPS. I have tried multiple sources and mediaservers, and I am currently using the AS3 Kitsune server (followed all the steps here). I believe my current issue is with the AS3 mediaserver, it just shows a blue screen, and sends "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE api.localhost/crossdomain.xml" into the console. However, there are no errors in the Kitsune php. If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Fox
  10. [AS3] Kitsune

    I know this has being asked many times im just confused what im doing wrong I did run the correct place cleared cache got the files from the github and got the src from icernk but still doesnt work I followed the tutorial and did what it said to do if anyone knows what to do it would be good thanks ;-; I don't understand whats going on but anyway thanks.
  11. Kitsune as3

    Hi, when I first setup up my kitsune as3 everything goes well until I got play.localhost there's just a blue screen and the developer tools says api.localhost.cross domain error insecure in red. It's been happening for a long time and I also used the search bar.. If you found a fix please reply, thanks. Screenshot http://prntscr.com/f32tk0
  12. As3 vs As2

    I know the general difference between them but, dose it affect gameplay? And/or HOW dose it affect the server?
  13. As3 error

    You can skip this part: (I'm making a as3 cpps server using jexters tutorial and im getting this error (I am using someone else's screenshot, everything is the same but database.xml form api.localhost is red.) I have copied, not replaced, most of the media1 files and a folder from media8 to their files on htdocs, also I have edited some files from the htdocs.zip from media1.clubpenguin.com to media1.localhost. Please help, and thank you for reading.) Never mind that, I fixed it, but now, when I press login, or create penguin (don't need it) just gose to a blue screen, same red text as before. Thanks for reading more! Fixed it
  14. Blue screen when click Login (VPS)

    Hello. I'm working on a AS3 Kitsune CPPS on a VPS. When I go to the x.x.x.x/play page, I see this: http://prntscr.com/eq5rvr And when I click the "Login" button, it shows a blue screen: http://prntscr.com/eq5s28 What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
  15. Some help with AS3 Media Server

    Hello there, I am currently trying to create a localhost cpps but have run into some issues. Currently i cannot load the game. I am using the as3 media server from cppshub.org (http://icer.ink/download.zip) and would like some help getting it working. I would be thankful to anyone who can help! Bye!
  16. Hello, I need help setting up a AS3 CPPS on my VPS. I need it working with an updated Mediaserver. Whoever can contact me and set it up, I will be paying up to $10! My Skype: pepitoh4wk I found someone to do it, don't know how to delete post.
  17. Hello. I'm working on a AS3 Kitsune CPPS on a VPS. I am using this tutorial to set it up: I know it's for localhost, and I can't figure out how to make it work on my VPS. When I go to my-vps-ip/play, this is what I see: http://prntscr.com/ecaaeo This is what I see in the Network tab in dev tools: http://prntscr.com/ecabh0 (I cleared my cache already, twice.) What can I do to fix it? My Skype is: pepitoh4wk (if you can contact me there)
  18. Up-to-date mediaserver?

    What is the currently most recent up-to-date mediaserver around?
  19. Puffle Widget Not Appearing

    Hey all, I'm trying to re-create the puffle system that Club Penguin has into my server, and so far I so good... the only problem I have is that after I bought my puffle, it is in the igloo. When the puffle is in the igloo, I can click on the puffle to get several popup options to take care of the puffle, but in my server, nothing pops up... what is the problem?
  20. FChat (Free Chat) Yeah, let's flood into the topic. First, hook up the prerequisite. REQUIRMENTS / PREREQUISITE: Set up the Chat Server, recommended OpenFire - Follow this tutorial to setup OF : Secured Private Chat System (Server) [General] Flash Player A CPPS setup, working with a working server/emulator. Let's go. Even though it can be easily done with AS2 too, am not expert in AS2 so am not gonna touch that concept, any contributor could contribute one to AS2 if you wish :). This part is for AS3. Client stuff first: Add the files in this archive to Play/v2/Client FChat.rar Edit Play/v2/Client/Dependencies.json accordingly as given below. Open Dependencies.json Find these lines { "id": "engine", "title": "Engine" }, Below that add these lines (ie, after that '},') { "id": "FChat", "title": "Free Chat - PC" }, . Now go to your Play folder, ie play.localhost (if you are using XAMPP - htdocs/play) Place all the files in the below archive in it. Converse.rar jquery.min.rar Now open the play html codes, that must be on the same Play folder (usually index.html in play page) Add these codes between <head> and </head> <script src="jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> function FChatInit($s) { $args = $s.split("<!delimiter!>"); require(['converse'], function (converse) { converse.initialize({ bosh_service_url: 'http://localhost:7070/http-bind/', // Please use this connection manager only for testing purposes i18n: locales.en, // Refer to ./locale/locales.js to see which locales are supported show_controlbox_by_default: true, roster_groups: true }); }); var _$ = setInterval( function() { var $$ = $(".conversejs"); if ($$ !== false) { $(".conversejs").fadeOut(); $("#converse-login > label").fadeOut(); $("input[name=jid]").fadeOut(); $("input[name=password]").fadeOut(); $("#converse-login > input[type=submit]").fadeOut(); $("input[name=jid]").val($args[1]); $("input[name=password]").val($args[0]); $("#converse-login > input[type=submit]").click(); $("#conversejs").fadeIn(); clearInterval(_$); } } , 100); } </script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="css/converse.css"> <script src="dist/converse.js"></script> Make sure you have this param in your ClubPenguin.swf object element <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"> Here comes the server part: KITSUNE : Place the content in the following archive in Kitsune/ClubPenguin/Plugins FChat.rar For other server emulators, just request me on comments I'll make one. Here are some pictures of this chat FEATURES Secured Login, the password used for each penguin on every login is one time usable and gets changed per every use Auto logs you into PC Very secured private Chat system Supports encryption (encrypted message transfer) 100% compatible with both AS2 and AS3 Supports emojis Chats can be moderated, and also have mods with special privillages Have it's own admin control panel Highly stable, extensible, have various of useful plugins like Chat Filter we used in Flippr, but that didn't work out as it converted "hello" to "****o" lol. If you have any doubt, issues, or concerns about this just comment. While using this chat system or protocol you must give credits to me (dote) or flippr, to use this.
  21. Let me just go directly ahead towards the topic. So here's it. REQUIREMENTS / PREQUISITE: MySQL Server Apache / Nginx or any hostable server OpenFire ConverseJS or any XMPP-Chat Server Making sure you meet all the prerequisite you may go ahead. First open MySQL and Apache (or server) Second install openfire. Third go to openfire web page. If you are running on localhost : http://localhost:9090/ If you are running on any other VPS, then http://YourVPSIP:9090/ Now, install OpenFire. The installation if very user friendly if you have any difficulty in it comment below. Now, go to OpenFire url (http://localhost-or-vps-ip:9090/). Login to OF with username admin and password you entered during above installation You would be welcomed with something like this If so you are good to go Now it's time to set up the chat community. Head up to Users/Groups Tab You would be presented with something like this. Click on Groups Now on the left hand side, below that group button you've pressed before, click on Create New Group Now here's where you actually set permissions and privillages for your chat clients. For now we are only creating 1 group - Members. It's common to name it <Your CPPS Name>Members. Give it a Group Name, some description and click Create Group Let Contact List Sharing be Disabled Don't care about those member's well deal with it to auto add those later. Now go to Plugins, Found on the tab list below openfire logo Make sure you have these plugins, You can find them on Available Plugins button to the left of listed plugins.If you have any trouble installing it comment below. Now let's move on to Chatable Rooms Now Go to Group Chat tab on the tab pane below openfire logo Click Create New Room Give the room a notable ID, NAME, Description, Topic, and it's upto to you for room options on the right side. Anyway, here are the recommended settings, except for those name, id, desc etc. Then Click on Save Changes Once again go to Users/Groups tab, present below tab bar under openfire logo Click on Registration Properties button on the left side Make sure you have these 3 options checked Enable welcome message. Enable automatically adding of new users to a group. Enable users to register via a web page at http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp Click Save settings Scroll down until you reach Default Group Now there's where you actually give your users the permission. Set that group to what you've created above, ie, <Your CPPS Name>Members.or anything according to what you've set Click Save Group Ok you are now done on the server part. Let's register one test account. Got to http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp or http://YourVPSIP:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp Now you have to setup ConverseJS or any other XMPP Client Once you download ConverseJS extract it into htdocs/chat. Now open http://localhost-or-vps-ip/chat/test/ You can login with username username@localhost eg, admin@localhost and password you set. Anyway you need to change the ip address in the index.php file in htdocs/chat. If you want to integrate that into CPPS do the following Transfer or embed this ConverseJS into your play page During penguin registration, make sure to send a get request to http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp or http://YourVPSIP:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp There will be a topic on integrating this into CPPS on a new Topic. Thanks. Any doubt comment!
  22. AS3 mediaserver

    Hey, can someone send me AS3 mediaserver for kitsune, please? Thanks.
  23. Kitsune client

    Someone can send me kitsune client? i've downloaded from this thread and the zip is corrupt. AND kitsune is the best AS3 (free) server? if no, what should i use?
  24. This is the official thread for Kitsune and any forthcoming changes it may have. New official fork repositories can be found here: https://github.com/widd/kitsune — Kitsune itself. https://github.com/widd/kitsune-register — Example registration page for Kitsune. Quick downloads can be found by navigating to the releases page on the repositories: Improvements, suggestions, and bugs can all be submitted via the pull request and issue pages on the GitHub repositories. I'll bump this topic with a summary of changes when I feel it's necessary; usually whenever I bump the version numbers or feel the need to share information on a new change and/or pull request. The latest release version can always be viewed from this link: https://github.com/widd/kitsune/releases/latest
  25. Since the original author of Kitsune hasn't updated the codebase since January - for any reason - I've taken it upon myself to maintain and address any feature requests, bugs, etc. in regards to Kitsune. https://github.com/widd/kitsune https://github.com/widd/kitsune-register Submit issues/bugs/pull requests to those repositories and I'll address them as soon as I can. Thanks!